Sunday, January 20, 2013

An All behind kind of day today.

Here we are at 5.30 in the evening and I am only just starting to get todays Journal written, It has been a very relaxing day today, I had a really great nights sleep last night and although I woke at 6.30 for the bathroom I lazed and dozes in bed until 9.30 before going into the lounge to have some "Chocolate Star" cereal for breakfast along with a nice cup of coffee and a Banana.

once I had breakfast I text pauline and then go and get dressed, there is no carer today so I get out my video camera and decide to take a short video of this mornings weather, it is snowing very lightly and it is very cold, so I am going to see if I can get it posted on this Journal. I just hope it uploads and works.

It is a very cold day today so will not be doing much today. I also took a photo earlier of the road with the light dusting of snow on the road just incase the video does not upload or play for you.
That is correct folks it is snowing.
Pauline Phones to say that all is OK with them all, and that the common was frozen solid this morning when they took Misty out for her Morning walk. at least there is not as much snow today as there was yesterday so that made the cars very Happy.
Its a very happy car today, it does not like the snow at all.
Well I have spent what was left of the morning just pottering around the flat and messing about on facebook, I also spent time deleting a lot of duplicate files that had accumulated, mainly photographs and also spent some time on Ancestry sorting out the family tree I have 2,233 names on my family tree stretching back as far as c1511, and it is still growing. However at 12.30 I phone Gervase and he is coming round about 3.00 pm and we will be going to Asda (Wallmart in the USA) to get some gluten free items and some fish  so that is ok

So at 1.00 I decide to have a bowl of Baxters gluten free Country vegetable soup with a slice of toast and it was excellent, just the job for a quick lunch on a cold day, looking at the Photo that Gordon text to me yesterday of Pauline in the snow up at B&Q I would think she could have done with some hot soup.
Pauline in the Snow at B&Q (Yesterday) Saturday
After Lunch I watch a bit of TV for an hour before Gervase arrives and we go off down to Asda, It has stopped snowing by now and the roads are cleared as are the Pavements and the weather forecast is for a cold but hopefully dry day tomorrow, anyway once at Asda we get the items that we need and then head back home where it is warm. Once indoors we get the shopping put away and then I make a coffee, Gervase and I have a chat and then Gervase makes his way to collect Leanne from her Mums and then off home they will go. So that is about as exciting as my day gets and it is now 6.10 and nearly time for dinner and then snuggle up in the recliner in my snuggie and watch some TV.
A Snuggie.

Update to Gluten Free

Well it is two weeks since I started my Gluten free diet and it is going very well, It was not as difficult as I thought it would be, and as I said before it is a case of reading the labels on the products.

So today I got some more baxter Gluten free soup I got a new one this week  a "Roast Tomato and Parmesan" Soup  I also got a couple of Asda Gluten free Meals a Chicken Curry and a Beef Bolognese and also some Gluten free crumpets. and so the range expands, I will compile a list soon and what stores sell what. anyway here are todays additions to my food cupboard.

So There we are then folks, that is it for today as it is 6.30 and I am getting Hungry so I will get this Journal posted and get my dinner so until tomorrow Tatty Bye.


  1. Frank, although I never post a comment I wanted you to know I read your journal entries and like them very much. I am new to all this autoimmune stuff as of this past year and it can feel so lonely. It is wonderful knowing there are others out there experiencing the same thing. I cannot wait to hear more about the gluten free...I tried that awhile also a few years back because my son has autism but I didn't keep up even though I was extremely committed at the time.
    Well, hope you have a is a methotrexate Monday for me

  2. Hi Melissa, Many thanks for your comment, Autoimmune disease is as you say can make you feel very lonely, I started this journal as a way of coping with it in the early stages. one thing I will say is that there are many groups on facebook for people that have an autoimmune illness and I have found the Myositis groups have been so helpful over the almost 2 years since I was diagnosed. I started the Gluten free diet as I was having digestive problems with the medication and also the "Twisted Stomach" and after 2 weeks I am also finding an improvement in my digestion and also a big reduction in "Acid Reflux" so if that continues after a month is up then I will have a talk with the doctor and dietician about it and see what they say, I did speak to my dietician about going gluten free about 6 months ago and she said it would make no difference,???. hope your Methotrexate day goes well.