Thursday, January 17, 2013

Its cold out shopping today.

Snow clouds gathering
Hell one and all and here we are again on a happy shopping thursday but that will be after the visit to the local vampire AKA Debbie. well I was going to start videoing our shopping trips from today to add a bit of real life action to my daily journal on a Tuesday and Thursday but looking at the very grey and heavy sky out there this morning I think I will postpone that idea today and perhaps introduce it from this weekend. It is looking very much like it is maybe going to snow today as the temperature is not as low today as it was yesterday and no sign of frost, so we will see how it turns out later on today.

Acid Reflux
well it was another good nights sleep and certainly not having as many digestive/reflux problems since I started the Gluten free diet almost 2 weeks ago so that looks like it was a positive move to make, anyway have made an appointment to see my GP in two weeks time to discuss that with him and to see if he will refer me back to the dietician to discuss the gluten free aspect and maybe to test for "Coeliac" anyway we will see what he has to say when I see him.

Rubbish Collection Day
so I wake at 6.30 and make a coffee and laze in bed until 8.00 when I go and make another coffee and go into the lounge to watch the breakfast news on the TV and to wait for Carol the carer to arrive, While I am waiting I log on the the internet with the laptop and check my emails and then check out facebook, catching u on Words with friends, at least the room is warming up , but it was still cold when I put out the bin Bags for the rubbish collection today. carol arrives about 8.40 and soon has me washed and groomed for the day and is then on her way to her next client, while I go and get some breakfast.

Give me your Blood Ha Ha
I decide today to have some Gluten free chocolate stars for Breakfast and also a Banana, I also send a text to Pauline, Pauline phones back to say that she is out on the common with Misty and that when she gets back indoors she will book a Taxi for 10.15 to come and collect me to go to the Eastney Health Centre for my 10.40 appointment with Debbie for her to take blood my monthly blood test, I get on well with debbie and so does Pauline, anyway we are only in the waiting room about 5 minutes when it is my turn to go in, we have a nice chat and a laugh and there is no problem getting the blood and then we are back outside to phone for a taxi to take us home to get the wheelchair and then down town to get the shopping.
Eastney Health Centre (Stock photo)
The Taxi arrives and we are off home, collect the wheel chair and off we go down to the city centre, we are going to go to Matalan first to see if I can get a couple of thick jumpers to take me through the rest of the winter, Gervase and leanne bought me two very mice jumpers in October for my Birthday and I keep them for going out in  but I need a couple to wear around the house during the days that I stay in.
Matalan in Portsmouth (Stock Photo)
Well I got a couple of nice Jumpers at the sale price 1 at £11.00 and 1 at £9.00 they are not top quality but better than Primark so happy with that, so once out of Matalan we make our way over to Wilkinsons as I need to get a Garden bird feeder and some bird food for the wild birds in this cold spell that we are going through, it has to be a hanging feeder as a bird table will attract the pigeons and seagulls and the small birds like Robins wont stand a chance of any food so off we go into wilkinsons to see what we can get. well we have a good old mooch around and I find a metal hanging bird feeder and also get 4 fat balls to put in it so that the small birds will have a good feed every day. Pauline also bought the same for her garden so Job Done and now it is off to Morrisons, Gordon Phones Pauline to say that he is on his way home from Salisbury as it is snowing up there and that he will phone when he is near to Portsmouth and if we are still at Morrisons he will collect us but it depends on how the weather and the roads are as to how long the journey will take.

we get to Morrisons and have a coffee and a bite to eat, Pauline has a Sandwich and I have a Jacket Potato, and then we get the shopping done, Gordon makes good time and meets us in Morrisons and then takes us Home, once home we have a coffee, put the shopping away and have a chat and then Pauline and Gordon head home , I get the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight and then  settle to get this Journal written as it is 3.30. so that is it for today, it is now 6.30 so time to get this journal posted and then get dinner so until probably a Snowy friday I will say Bye Bye.


  1. The mental image of mice jumpers has me laughing on the inside.

    1. Hi Karen, I have just re read my Post, It had me laughing as well, just goes to show how my literary skills are lacking in some areas, I blame it on the medication, however just to let you know that the mice have been keeping warm since January. LOL.
      Thank you for reading my blog, also I have left the spelling mistake for all to see.