Monday, January 21, 2013

We start with a song LOL

well here we are then folks, Now that I worked out yesterday how to post video to Blogger then there is no stopping me so I can now greet you all

Again I had a reasonable nights sleep and woke about 7.30 and just lazed around in bed with the radio and a coffee until 9.00 when I decided that I had better drag myself out of bed otherwise I would have stayed in bed all day, anyhow I get dressed and make a coffee and into the lounge to listen to the local radio as they are doing a phone in about the big freeze in 1963 and somehow comparing it to this year which really is a waste of time as this weather is nothing like the weather in 1963 as that went on for 3 months.

Good Shot Pauline
Behave Yourself
well it is still very cold out today although the Snow has almost gone and the pavements are dry so I will get some nice warming Gluten Free porridge for Breakfast and then get round to the Tesco Express to get my Morning Paper but first of all I will send the morning text to Pauline. I enjoyed the Porridge, just the thing for a cold winter Morning, Pauline phones to say that all is OK, Gordon is working this morning and then he will be home to take her up to the QA Hospital for a 2.00 pm appointment with her Specialist at the Thyroid Clinic to discuss her treatment options, She had her scan and Biopsy results last week and the nodule on the thyroid is Benign so that was great news. She will let me know what is happening when I speak to her later on.

Todays Gluten Free Lunch
well I g round to tesco Express to get the morning Paper before heading back home to get on the laptop and check out facebook and also my emails, more spam mail than anything else, still it is in the spam folder so I empty that every couple of days well once I have sorted out and answered a couple of emails and played a few games of "Words with Friends it is approaching 12.15 so it is getting time to have some lunch, anyway rummaging through the kitchen cupboards I check a small tin of baked beans to see if they are in date (which they are) and notice that they a labeled as Gluten Free, These are Heinz Baked Beans so that makes up my mind about lunch it will be baked beans and a fried egg on a slice of Toasted Gluten Free Bread, Heaven.

Writing Todays Daily Journal
Once I have finished lunch I make a coffee and settle down to read the paper and also to get the crosswords done, I do enjoy doing the crosswords in the daily paper and have been doing them for as long as I can remember, certainly since the late 1990,s, anyway once the crosswords are completed I go and wash up the lunch dishes, I cannot believe how many items I have used to prepare egg and beans on toast, must get more organised, anyway after that I get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner, Make a coffee and then make a start on the daily Journal.

well there we are then, at 3.30 Gordon Phones to say that they are back from the hospital, Pauline has opted to have the operation to remove the Nodule, she has had a blood test and now waits to have a consultation with the surgeon and then she will be given an appointment. it is a 48 hour admission to hospital for the procedure and then that will be it, so good news all round. Well it is now 3.50 and more organised today, I will get this Journal posted soon as I need to get myself organised for Pointless on the TV at 5.15, dinner at 6.30 and then an evening of the soaps ( Emmerdale and Coronation Street) up until 9.00 pm and they are followed by Miranda at 9.00 and Mrs Browns Boys at 9.30.
Coronation Street ITV

Emmerdale ITV
 So that is about it for today, Gervase just phoned at 4.00 pm to say that he has been up in london all day at meetings and has just got on the train at Waterloo to come home so he will be home a little earlier today than usual. well then folks that is about it for today another very quiet and lazy day but tomorrow will be busier as it will be shopping with Pauline tomorrow so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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