Friday, January 4, 2013

The Worst of two Evils.

Well here we are on The first Freaky Friday of the new year and on top of that it is also the day of the dentist appointment so In my diary the day will go down as the Worst of two evils.
Restless Night
well after a very enjoyable day apart from pulling the muscle in my back by twisting awkwardly in the wheelchair I went down to spend a couple of hours with my Gervase and Leanne at there house in Southsea yesterday evening and Leanne,s dad Dave was there and he gave me a lift home at about 9.30 so it was a coffee and a couple of Paracetamol for the back pain and into bed by 10.15. I had a reasonable sleep the back pain got me up a couple of times through the night but hopefully that will ease of over the weekend anyway I was up at 8.00 with a coffee and Paracetamol and in the lounge ready for carol the carer to arrive.

Frank Recording
"Freaky Friday Twist"
anyway while I am waiting for Carol to arrive I check my emails and also Facebook, I hope Carol is on time this morning as I have my sister and her friend Chris coming about 9.30 as they are taking me to the Dentist as I have to have two extractions today and the appointment is at 10.00 am. anyway as luck would have it Carol arrives at about 9.00 so that is OK, we have a chat and then Carol gets me sorted ready for the Freaky Friday Routine I was thinking that if Chubby checker can record the song "Twist again" perhaps I should record a song " Freaky Friday Twist"

♬♬  Come on lets freak again, like we did last Friday ♬♬
♬♬ Come on lets Freak again, Like we did last week ♬♬
♬♬ Do you remember when, Every thing was normal ♬♬
♬♬ Come on lets Freak again, Freaky Fridays here ♬♬

Oh dear you all cry with glee, Frankie,s flipped again well maybe I have and maybe I Haven't all I know is that I am not looking forward to the Dentist and the Methotrexate, it makes you wonder which one is the  worst of the two evils, anyway Pauline Phones to wish me luck, Gordon did not sleep well last night, but they are up to Salisbury today for work as they have to make up for yesterday, so once Pauline is off the phone My Sister Eileen and Chris arrives it is now 9.20 so we have time for a chat, They have got some magnetic signs made for the van so that advertises there company "Decima Designs" and there craft courses they run from there studio in Drayton.

Open wide please.
At 9.40 we leave to go to the Dentist,s it takes about 10 minutes to get there so we are a bit early and the receptionist said he is running a bit late so we have about a 20 minute wait, Once they call me in I go in and get ready for the Extractions but he has decided that it would probably not be wise to do the extractions today As it is my methotrexate day so we will make an appointment for next month on a monday so today he does a descale and clean and also a filling so that is probably for the best so it means I can take my Methotrexate at lunchtime today.

Thank goodness that is over
anyway once back home I make a coffee for Eileen and me and a tea for Chris and we sit and have a chat for half an hour, it feels funny with the left side of my face numb from the local anesthetic anyway hopefully it will wear of fairly quickly as it was only a small injection. anyway once we have finished our coffee,s Eileen and chris make a move and I go for a lie down as my back is a bit painful at the moment. anyway I text pauline to let her know all is OK and lie down listening to the radio for 30 minutes before going round to tesco express to get the paper, at least the Numbness is wearing off. once I have the Paper I get back indoors make another coffee and then settle down with the paper and get the crosswords done.

it is soon 1.30 and time to get some lunch I only want something light so I have a Toasted bacon Sandwich with some Baxter,s chicken broth all Gluten free and I used the Gluten free loaf of bred I got at Morrisons yesterday it is made by walburtons, It is a small white  sliced loaf, and they also do brown, it is very nice but the price is very expensive at £2.48 Walburtons also do a brown sliced loaf and Muffins They also do a Gluten Free Fruit loaf and Fruited Tea cakes.

anyway once I have finished Lunch I take my 15 mg of Methotrexate and then just settle down in front of the TV for the rest of the afternoon, Pauline texts at about 4.45 to say that they have made good progress and are just coming into Portsmouth.
anyway it is now 5.40 I have not had any reaction to the Methotrexate so far today so hopefully today will be a good Methotrexate Friday, anyway I am going to get this journal posted and then have a bit of a lie down before getting dinner sorted at 6.30 so until hopefully a better Saturday I will say Adios.

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