Sunday, January 27, 2013

The weather is on the change.

Getting to know me. episode 2

As you remember the other day I described how I was born in the middle of an air raid in october 1943, the reason for the air raid was that the german air force were dropping incendiary bombs along the railway track running from Southampton into Portsmouth so that the German Bombers could find there way into Portsmouth Naval base. Anyway the railway line ran along the bottom of the garden of the houses in Western Road Fareham, where my Maternal Grandparents Annie and Frederick Hubbard lived, this is where I lived with my Mother until my father returned home from the war in 1946. Sadly those houses have since been demolished to make way for the Fareham By Pass but western road is still there. This is where we had the street party in 1945 on VE Day, below are a couple of Photographs (1) Annie and Frederick Hubbard on VE Day (2) the same road in 2010, and also my Grandfather Frederick hubbard and Grandmother Annie Hubbard.with Auntie Maud and Uncle Fred in 1943/44
Western Road, Fareham. VE Day 1945
Western Road Fareham 2010
Annie and Frederick Hubbard with Auntie Maud and Uncle Fred 
A Relaxing Sunday
Well back to the present time. It was a better nights sleep last night and a nice lie in until 9.15 this morning as I do not have a carer on Sundays and Mondays as these are the two days I have my lie in,s. so at 9.15 i get up, get dressed and into the lounge with my coffee and a bowl of Gluten free Porridge, once I have had breakfast I text Pauline and then get the breakfast items washed up before settling down with the laptop and the political programs on the TV for a nice relaxing morning of checking out facebook and ignoring the TV.

Relaxing with the daily paper
well about 11.00 Gordon rings to make sure that all is OK, Agnes ids setting back of to go home to Weymouth later on this morning, at least the weather is a lot better today so it should be a decent drive home for her, so once I am off the phone, I get my shoes on and take a stroll round to the newsagent,s to get a daily paper before heading back home to make a coffee and settle back down to read the paper and get the crossword done. It is a very nice pleasant day out today, like yesterday blue skies and Sunshine although it s still chilly, we had a lot of rain last night so glad that has stopped now, but it is supposed to return tomorrow,
A pleasant day in the back Garden this morning, cold though.
A Happy lunch. Bacon and egg
soon it is 1.00 pm and Gervase phones to say that he is still full of cold, (he sounds very nasal) and do I think he should still come round and take me shopping, obviously the answer from me is NO. I can't afford to get a cold and anyway I rather he stayed home in the warm and looked after himself as he has work tomorrow, he is worried that I need items but as I said I have enough provisions to get me through until Tuesday when Pauline takes me shopping and If I need Milk I can get that round at the Tesco Express, anyway I convince him that I am OK but he insists that I phone and let him know if I want anything and Leanne will get it for me and bring it round. anyway once Gervase is off the phone I get myself a couple of rashers of Bacon with a poached Egg and a slice of toast for lunch and really enjoy that
Once I have finished lunch I get the washing up done and then think about what to have for dinner tonight, I think that I will be having a Gluten Free beef Bolognese tonight which will make a change from Chicken or Fish, anyway that is settled so no need to prepare any vegetables so I make a coffee and then go out to into the back yard to say hello to next doors cat that has come for its daily visit.
Hello next doors cat "Misty Moo"
once I have made a fuss of the cat it is in to the lounge with a coffee and then make an early start on todays Journal.
It certainly has been a relaxing day today and it has done the rick as the aches and stiffness in the thigh, hips and Gluteus Maximus has now all gone and is back to normal, well as normal as it can be these days, as my GP always says about the results of my regular blood tests, "Satisfactory for this Patient" well folks that is about it for the moment, so I will get this Journal finished and Posted nice and early today as I have been late with it the last couple of days so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.


  1. When the cat came in for coffee what did he Black or White? with or without sugar?

    Regards Mike

  2. Hi Mike, cappuccino coffee with milk no sugar but catnip sprinkles . frank