Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Sainsbury Shopping Sunday

No more curry for me.
And so Sunday arrives and the back is not really any better that it was yesterday. I did not have a bad nights sleep last night I woke once at about 5.30 for the bathroom but the back was very achey and painful getting out of bed, Once I am up on my feet and lying/sitting it is Ok it is the Getting Up/Sitting down when it is giving me problems, so will probably phone the GP tomorrow to see what he has to say, also it has come to my attention that Chicken Korma and my Digestive System are not compatible. LOL.

David Cameron
well there we go that is the start of my day, hopefully it will get better as the day goes on, I have no carer coming today so after going back to sleep about 6.00 I wake again at 8.45 so make a coffee and take back to bed and lie listening to the radio until 9.15 when I get up and dressed and into the lounge with another coffee, I just have a Banana for breakfast today and then Put on the TV to listen to the end of the Andrew Marr show. David Cameron is being interviewed and as usual will not give a straight answer to any Questions put to him regarding Welfare, The NHS, and Child Benefits. the man is a waste of space and really has not got a clue.

Anyway Once that program finishes I log onto the internet to check out my emails and also Facebook to see who is around and to catch up on "Words With Friends" I see that facebook is up to its old tricks again I noticed today (as others have) that face book are putting messages in our "Update Status" message boxes on our FB Page and Timeline, It is sod all to do with them How I am feeling , what,s going on, or how I am doing. They are not on my FB Friends list so Facebook "Mind your own Business"

Anyway Gordon Phoned to say that they were leaving for Salisbury to visit friends at about 10.30, and Pauline phoned later to say that they were in Salisbury and the Journey up went OK. Anyway The Back has eased a bit after taking a couple of Paracetamol so I take a slow walk with the stick round to Tesco Express to get a paper and then back home to relax with a coffee and get the Crossword done. I am also watching some old episodes of Outnumbered.
Outnumbered with Hugh Dennis.
 I get a Phone call from Gervase to see How I am and to say he will be round about 1.00 to 1.30 and if I feel up to it we can go and get some shopping, so I get myself some Jam and Toast for lunch as the Tummy is still a bit iffy after the curry last Night, and I know I should know better and I knew what would happen but sometimes you just got to be a bit irresponsible and put up with the consequences.

So I have my toast and jam and then go and have a shave and get changed ready for when Gervase arrives, He arrives at 1.20 and is quite willing to go and get whatever shopping I need but I need to have a little time out of the flat and it will do me good to have a change of scenery so we decide to go down to Sainsburys in Commercial road, as I have not been there for a bit and I would like to see what there "Gluten Free" area is like. So off we go.
Approaching Sainsburys in Portsmouth city centre.
Once we are in the car park and parked up I walk into the store with Gervase where we collect a wheelchair and Trolley and then make our way around the store, I have not got to get a lot and Gervase only needs cat litter, so we get what we want and then have a look at there free from section, they have a decent range of items and I get some Porridge, Jaffa cakes, Almond Slices and also a Gluten free Chicken Hot Pot, I am certainly impressed with there Gluten free range so will make sure I visit there at least once a month, I am lucky in as much as I have Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons all close together and between those three and Asda at Fratton I can get most Gluten free Items I need. Once we have got everything we make our way to the checkout and then into the car park to load it in the car. Gervase takes the trolley and wheelchair back while I wait in the car and then we head home via a trip along the seafront, it is nice with the window open and a nice breeze blowing in.
Sainsbury,s Store and Car Park (Stock Photo)
Once we are home I make a coffee an get the shopping put away and then me and Gervase has a chat before Gervase makes his way home to Leanne and I settle down to get this Journal written

Gluten Free Diet

Well that is now almost 4 days that I have been totally Gluten Free. and I am surprised to say that is has not been as hard to find Gluten free items in the stores, although it is the prices that they charge which I find  the most off putting, although I gfind that although it adds extra time to do the shopping, if I really look at the labels on items there are many "Gluten Free" items on the shelves which are everyday items, ie Baxter,s Soups, Knorr stock cubes etc and these are at regular prices and of course fresh produce is Gluten free. so I am pleased with the way it is going apart from the curry last night so although it was Gluten free, I think Spicy food is a No No.
Here are the pictures of the Gluten free Items I got from the Free From Section in Sainsburys Today.
Jaffa Cakes and Almond Slices

Instant Porridge Oats

Chicken HotPot
I will add regular updates on how my gluten free diet just in case you are interested and now it is 6.00 pm so time to get this journal finished and Posted before getting my dinner on to cook, it will be Salmon tonight, nice and light and easy to cook and I am looking forward to it so until tomorrow my friends 

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