Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow, sleet, Rain and Cold, welcome to Monday

What a mixture of weather there is here in the south east of England. we have had in one day Floods, Sleet, Rain, Snow, and icy Winds, can it get any worse, in fact here on Portsea Island we have missed the majority of it due to being sheltered from the south
downs to the North and The Isle of Wight and the Solent to the South but the snow did get as far as Cosham at the entrance to Portsmouth but it did not last long as it was further in North Hampshire and west sussex that got it worse.
Light snow in Cosham this morning.
Morning Lie in
but today has been really cold and dismal and very murky, not the weather to be going out in, that is why I decided to stay in bed this morning until 9.30 before getting up and making some nice hot Gluten Free Porridge for Breakfast, at least I do not have a carer on Mondays, so at least I could have a lie in. anyway once I had finished breakfast I send the morning text to Pauline.

A Soggy Doggy
Next on the Agenda is to get the breakfast items washed up, make a coffee and take the Prednisolone and the Folic acid, once that is done I get logged on to the laptop and check out the email and also Facebook. Pauline phones back to say she is out on a very soggy Southsea common with Misty, and that gordon would not be round today for cleaning for me as they have discovered a leak in the water pipe in the kitchen, and Gordon is going to see if it is something he can fix or if they need to get a plumber in, that is the trouble with properties in Portsmouth most of them  date back to  Victorian times and have the old imperial size pipes and fittings so not an easy job for the home handy man.

1950,s Maxwell house TV Advert
well once I have finished chatting to Pauline I wrap up warm and brave the elements to go round to the Tesco Express and get the morning Paper and then make my way back home to settle down in the recliner with the paper to get the crosswords done, and also to have some of the youtube videos on with 1950,s adverts and songs etc, this Smart Tv is the best thing I have bought in a long time, money well spent.

Hows my Bum Cleavage
about 11.30 Gordon rings to say that it is an awkward job and that they will be getting a plumber in tomorrow to give an estimate so he will be round about 12.00 to do a couple of hours cleaning, so that is OK but on second thought,s I do not really think that the Plumbing job is to awkward for Gordon to handle I think the Problem is Pauline Nagging him about showing a "Builders Bum" when he is bending down to get to the water pipes under the sink LOL.

sorry if this image offends anyone, that is not my intention, just my weird sense of Humour,

In My merry oldsmobile screen shot
Anyway about 12.00 I see gordon arrive in his car so I open the front door and go and make a coffee each. we have a chat and then Gordon starts doing the flat cleaning for me, once Gordon has done all the dusting and cleaning the bathroom and the Kitchen it is time for a coffee and biscuit time and we watch a really great "Oldsmobile Advert" made in 1932 by Fleischer studios it is a 6 minute animation call "In My Merry Oldsmobile" it is a classic american advert for the Oldsmobile.
It is a really great historic advert that you can sing along with, you should have heard Me and Gordon, I think we scared my neighbours all day LOL.

At 2.00 Gordon makes his way home to Pauline and I have a banana and a "Gluten Free Sultana Scone with Butter and Jam that I got from Asda Yesterday, well That was really disappointing, there were two in a pack and they looked really tasty but it was like eating overcooked Cardboard, so that is coming of my Gluten Free list. the second one ended up in the bin. anyhow after lunch I have a lie down until 3.30 and then prepare the vegetable for dinner tonight and then get this Journal started. it is now 6.00 pm and I need to get this posted on the blog and then think about getting dinner cooked before an evening of Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Miranda and Mrs Browns boys, and just to let you all know that the weather is still diabolical. so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye and wherever you live in this world Keep warm and Safe.

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