Thursday, January 3, 2013

The First 2013 Shopping Day

 Freedom at Last.
Yes, Yes, Yes, It is shopping day today with Pauline down at the City centre and then Morrisons. We have not been down to Portsmouth city centre since last Thursday, so looking forward to the trip out today and spending a couple of hours away from the Flat.
Todays Breakfast
It was a decent nights sleep last night, got of to bed about 10.30 was awake until about 11.30 listening to radio solent before turning the radio off and getting to sleep by midnight, woke about 3.30 for the bathroom and then back to sleep until 6.45 when I was awake, made a coffee and took back to bed and listened to the radio until 8.00 when I made my way into the lounge to catch up on the Breakfast news on the BBC1 until Carol my carer arrives at 8.45. She has a busy day ahead of her today, so we have a chat and then she gets me groomed ready for the day ahead, and then she is on her way to her next client, and I get myself some Gluten free cornflakes for breakfast.

Once I have finished Breakfast, I text Pauline and then settle to watch an episode of Wanted Down Under on BBC 1. this is a series of documentary programs where a family from england spend a week in either Australia or New Zealand to see if moving there from the UK is something they want to do. It is a different family each week, and today it was a family of 5 from Yorkshire spending a week in New Zealand.
Wanted Down under on BBC1 this morning at 09.15
Wakey, Wakey Gordon.
 Well Pauline phones back and Gordon has decided not to go into work today as He still feels a bit drowsy after taking his sleeping tablet last night, Pauline said he went to bed about 10.30 and slept solidly until 7.30 this morning got up back is now back in bed fast asleep and it is now 9.30 in fact Gordon ended up sleeping through until about mid day so he obviously needed the sleep, anyway as his doctor said he should not take a tablet if he is working the next day so he won,t be taking one tonight as he needs to catch up with work tomorrow.

Getting Ready for when
Pauline arrives with Taxi.
Before pauline goes to take misty for her morning walk she said that she will book a taxi for 11.15 to come and collect me and we can then go down to Portsmouth City centre to get the bits and pieces done and then over to Morrisons to get the food shopping. so I get out the laptop and check out emails and Facebook until 10.45 when it is time to have a shave and get dressed ready for when pauline gets here about 11.30, as she is going to the doctors surgery on the way to pick up my Prescription for Methotrexate and Lansoprazole, so we can get it made up at Boots the chemist when we are down town.

Pauline arrives at about 11.35 so we get the wheelchair into the taxi and off we go down to commercial road precinct in the city centre. we get the taxi to drop us of at the back of boots in Paradise street, and while Pauline takes my prescription in to Boots Pharmacy to be made up I go with the wheelchair down to the Nationwide to sort out a few bits and Pieces.
The Back of Boots the Chemist and Pharmacy with nationwide at the far end

Pauline meets me in the Nationwide and we take a slow walk down the precinct to Barclays, and while I go in there to sort out some things Pauline goes over to Wilkinsons to get some items for Misty the labrador  and Charlie the cat. Once I have completed my Business in Barclays I go outside and wait in the wheelchair by the Jubilee Fountain for Pauline, While I am waiting I have a coffee from the mobile Coffee Bar. nearby.
Jubilee Fountain Today 2013
And in 1964 
Once Pauline comes back from wilkinsons we make our way to Boots to collect my Medication and then Pauline pushes me in the wheelchair over to Morrisons at the Victory retail park at the end of the city centre.
Morrisons at the Victory retail Park.

Once we get their we decide to have a snack before doing the shopping so we get a coffee each and Pauline has a sandwich and I have a small Sausage, Chips and Beans, and I really enjoyed that, it was only a child,s portion but just right for me and it means I can just have a light snack for dinner tonight and also a light supper. so very pleased with myself.

Anyway once we finish lunch we go round and get the food shopping and then once we have paid and got outside I phone City wide for a taxi to take us home. Once home I make us both a coffee and get the shopping put away, pauline then helps to take the christmas tree down and then I phone for a taxi to take her home. Once Pauline has gone It is 4.00 so I make a coffee and then settle down to get this journal written and posted before getting a snack at 6.00. 

It is now 5.40 so I am going to get this journal posted and just to say It has been a good day today, nice to be out in the fresh air and although cloudy it was mild and dry and we were out for a good 3.5 hours so I will say goodbye until tomorrow when I also have a dental appointment to have 2 extractions, not looking forward to that but it has to be done as the medication has really done a number on my teeth.

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