Thursday, January 10, 2013

AN enjoyable but expensive shopping day today "NOT"

Go Frankie Go
and so my happy Friend,s and Avid readers of my daily Journal, this is Journal  number "545" Whooo Hooo I hear you all shout with glee and excitement, Now please contain yourself from pulling a muscle or having a flare, there will be many more to come, "Was that a lot of Moaning I just heard, shame on you." well it cant be all bad as the visitor number have been increasing and in December there were almost 4000 visitors to the Journal the largest monthly figure so far and on the daily visits so far this month in the first 9 days it looks like January will top the 4000 mark so many thanks to you all.

Get on with it Frank
So today as like most other started off with the usual routine, which by now you are all familiar with, ie Facebook, emails, carer, texting Pauline, and if you are not familiar with the start of my day just read any f the previous 544 posts and you soon will be,  so we will skip all that and move on to stage 2 of my day.

A Taxi to the City Centre.
Today is shopping day down the city centre with Pauline. After yesterdays chat with the doctor, pauline is picking up the prescription on the way to me this morning, for a gel rub for my back/hip ache and then we can get it from Boots Pharmacy when we are down the City Centre. anyway Pauline arrives with the taxi at about 11.00  and the wheelchair is put into the Taxi and off we go to the city centre.

Once we are at the Precinct the Taxi drops us off and then we take the Prescription into boot,s the Chemist it will take 20 before it is ready as they are busy today so we go to the ATM machine and then decide to go and have a look in Primark, the large clothes shop which is known for its Low prices, I have never purchased anything from there before, Pauline wants to look at jumpers. when we are in there I  Look at the mens sections and see they have some elasticated waist joggers for sale at £5.00 so I decide it is worth while buying a couple of pairs as I wear them around the house and so it does not matter what they look like as I do not wear them out and they are comfortable,

Once we have finished in Primark we make our way back up to Boots to collect the Gel rub and then we decide to get a coffee each and a Sausage roll for Pauline before making our way over to Morrisons to get the food shopping The Gel rub that the doctor prescribed is Voltarol Emugel 100g.
well once we have had our coffee at the coffee bar we make our way over to Morrisons, On the way I need to use the toilet at Sainsburys, so while we are there Pauline decides to see what Jumpers they have in there and I go and wheel my self to the Gluten free section and off the cuff get some bread and a few treats for me, I must have my biscuits and cake,s so they have to be Gluten free. Sainsburys have a good selection of Gluten free.

Once we have finished in Sainsburys we carry on to Morrisons where we get the food shopping and then get the Taxi back Home. Once we are home we get the shopping put away and then put the clean laundry away that Pauline brought back for me today and then have a coffee and a chat before Pauline makes her way back home.

Gluten Free Products From Sainsburys today

Here are the lovely Gluten free items that I got from Sainsburys today, although more expensive from the non Gluten free they are very tasty and is helping to make my Gluten Free Regime easier to maintain.
Sliced White loaf

Shortbread Biscuits

Bars of Chocolate

Chocolate Brownies

Bakewell Tarts.
Well The gluten free diet is going well, The only difference noted as yet is less money in my wallet LOL  only 5 days into it so we will see after a month if it has made any difference to my digestion or not, hopefully it will.

Well it is now 6.15 so time to get this journal posted and then get dinner done it is sea bass tonight with Potato, Cauliflower and Broccoli. so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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