Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well now it is just getting Silly ??

Rich fruit cake slices.
You will all start to rue the day that I found out how to upload video,s to my daily Journal, It is just getting silly, it is a case of  a poor mans version of Candid Camera. But more of that in a minute. Not such a good nights sleep last night as for some reason I had the return of the dreaded " Acid Reflux" I have been quite good on that since I started the Gluten free diet but yesterday against my bette judgement I had 2 Gluten Free fruit cake slices, and I think the problem was that (1) it was to near to going to bed and (2) they were very rich in Fruit so, I will know better next time.

Strawberry Gaviscon.
anyway I had a couple of gaviscon tablets and that settled it down so managed to get back of to sleep and woke up about 7.00 so not a good nights sleep, anyway got up and made a coffee and then lay in bed dozing and listening to the radio until 8.00 when I made another coffee and went into the lounge to watch the the breakfast news on BBC 1 until the carer came

A different Carer today
well I am sat waiting for the carer but it seems that carol is running late today, however at 9.30 a different carer arrives and said that they phoned her in a panic to come round to me so it seems that carol has either had a problem at home, or has phoned in sick or has been held up with a earlier client, anyway the carer is very nice and gets me ready for the day ahead. Once the carer has left I text Pauline and let her know that all is Ok and then I get a banana and a Yoghurt for breakfast before getting the laptop up and running and checking out emails and facebook. Pauline phones back about 10.00 to say that her and Gordon will be round about 11.20 so that Pauline can take me shopping and gordon can spend a couple of hours cleaning the flat, and then he will come and collect us when we have finished. A it is a diabolical cloudy, drizzly and cold day we decide we will just go to Asda at Fratton. anyway Gordon and Pauline arrive about 11.20 and I am out side with the camcorder to greet them.

So Now you can see what I mean when I said earlier it is getting silly, anyway Pauline and Gordon, have a coffee and a chat and at 11.50 Pauline and I set of for Asda at the bridge centre in Fratton. ( you will be pleased to know I left the video camera at Home), anyway the weather is not to bad at the moment so I decide I will walk part way pushing the wheelchair and then when the muscles have had enough I will get in the chair and Pauline will then push me, well I did pretty well today I walked all the way from home to Fratton Bridge and Pauline pushed me in the wheelchair from then in.

Fratton Bridge Fratton (Stock Photo}
Once we are down by the Bridge centre in Fratton road we have a look in a couple of Charity shops and then make our way through the Bridge centre to Asda.

The two charity shops, Age Uk on the left and Sue Ryder on the right
we also go into a charity shop in the Bridge centre arcade en-route to Asda and then once in asda we go to the first floor and I get myself a nice jumper, (Due to my mobility restrictions in my arms I need to get Jumpers with a nice open area around the neck ie one that has either a Zip or Buttons so that it can be undone  t make it easier and can then either button up or zip up.

All behind with the daily journal again
Once we had finished our shopping we phone Gordon and he comes and collects us and we go back home, once Home I make a coffee and at 3.15 Pauline and Gordon make there way home and I get a couple of slices of cheese on toast for a late lunch and then settle down at 4.00 to get this journal written and Posted .

well it is now 5,45 and I think I have almost caught up with myself, I am just about to finish the daily journal for today, and then I will get it posted before getting myself sorted for dinner tonight, It is going to be a later dinner this evening about 7,30 I should think so it will be a gluten free Chicken Curry ready meal, so need to make sure I take a Lansoprazole 30 minutes before having dinner tonight,and also a little later going to bed.

so tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing Pauline,s brother in Law Colin who is going to come in for a cup of tea and a chat for an hour,  so for now I will say Bye Bye.

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