Saturday, January 5, 2013

Whooo Hoo its Saturday "again"

To the lounge
well here we are then folks and it is Saturday, I had a "so so" night last night, woke up a couple of times with my back but apart from that I slept pretty well and was awake properly by 7.30, so made a coffee and stayed in bed until 8.00 listening to the local radio before making my way into the lounge with a coffee to await the arrival of Carol my carer.

While waiting for Carol I log on to the internet and check out my emails and am surprised to find that Fedx has tried several times to deliver a parcel to me and I need to send them details via email to have it delivered, big problem is they really should learn to spell properly LOL. and if I contact the american lottery I will be $5,000,000 better off Whooo Hoo I am rich, must send them my bank details as soon as I can "Ye Right"

Todays Breakfast
Once I have deleted all the spam emails and checked out Facebook I make another coffee and then Carol arrives, she is running late today as she has been given some extra clients this morning before me so does not arrive until 9.30, anyway she is a bit fed up but at least she finishes at lunchtime today so she soon gets me sorted for the day ahead and then she is off to her next client that she should have been at 15 minutes ago. Once Carol has gone I text Pauline and then get some Gluten Free Porridge for breakfast.

Well I enjoyed that Porridge so once I have finished that I get the breakfast items washed up and then get dressed and decide to take a couple of Paracetamol to ease the back pain and then I take a slow walk round to Tesco Express to get my Morning Paper, and then once I have that I get mack home, pour a glass of Apple juice and settle down to read the paper and get the crossword Done. at 10.30 Pauline phones to say all is Ok but Gordon could not sleep properly again last night so had to take a tablet at 1.00 am and is now still asleep in bed.
I Have my Morning Paper
Electric Bread Maker
well once the paper is read and the crossword is done, the rest of the morning is taken up with playing around on Facebook until 1.00 when I get myself a Bacon Buttey for lunch using my Gluten free bread, anyhow as you know I was saying on an earlier blog how expensive it was well Dave, who is one of the people in the Myositis FB groups was suggesting that I may think about getting a bread maker, well I am now seriously thinking about that as I can get Gluten free flour in Tesco. so Thank you Dave, I will have to look at that when I am down town on Tuesday with Pauline.

Tonights dinner
Once I have had Lunch I go for a lie down until 2.00 when I get up and decide to go round to the Tesco Express again and see if there is anything round there that I can get for dinner tonight, as I really fancy something a bit tasty tonight, so of I go and after looking at so many items that contain Gluten it is nice to see that there is a Chicken Korma Curry that has not got Gluten listed in the Allergy Advice box or in the ingredients so I get that so I will certainly enjoy the taste as it is a long time since I had a curry so I might give the Laxido a miss tonight LOL.

well once I have that and am back home I decide that I will have a cup of tea and a Greek Yoghurt and then I spend the rest of the afternoon watching repeats of episodes of Friends. These go on until 6.00 when it will be time to take the Lansoprazole prior to having dinner at 6.00.
Friends Season 4 Ross gets married in London
well it is now 5.25 and I need to get this journal finished and Posted so until tomorrow I will say cheerio and have a good Day or evening depending on which time zone you are in as I know that this journal is read around the world.

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