Friday, January 11, 2013

Freaky Friday again.

♬♬♬♬ In a Shady Nook ♬♬♬♬
♬♬♬♬ By a Babbling Brook ♬♬♬♬
Oh dear here we go again someone mentions running water and I need to go for a wee 
Don't mention running water

and here we are again, the start of another day in the south of England, when I woke this morning I put on the radio as usual and they were playing a song from the 1940,s sung by Donald Peers. I can remember my Grandmother playing that on an old Radiogram in the early 1950,s  Me and Mum Lived with my Grandparents after I was born in 1943 until 1946 when dad came home from the war, Grandmother was a very upright and strict woman as I remember.
My Grandparents Frederick and Annie Maria Hubbard
I had a really great nights sleep last night and slept from 11.30 through until 5.30 when I got up to use the bathroom before returning to my bed and sleeping through until 7.45, So I must say that it was one of my better nights sleep, so it looks like the Voltarol Emugel is working on my Hip/Back ache, so thank you Doctor Richbell just hope it carry,s on working and healing over the next few day,s.

another positive outlook for today is that it is a very clear and sunny day, Blue skies and sunshine does make one feel better, so hopefully it will at least stay like it for the rest of the day as the forecast for tonight and the next few days is Rain,Sleet, Snow and plummeting temperatures so it seems like winter is making an appearance.
Looks like it is time to get out the thermal underwear
Getting the Morning Paper
So here we are with a coffee and listening to the radio waiting for Carol the carer to arrive , at 9.30 I am about to ring the care company when another carer arrives, it seems carol has phoned in sick today, which does not surprise me, as the amount of work they pile on her she must be exhausted. anyway I have seen this carer before so that is OK, she soon has me groomed and is on her way and I go to get some toast when Pauline phones to see if all is OK as I have not sent her the morning text , she and gordon are up in Salisbury today, we have a chat and then I have breakfast and get dressed to go and get my  morning paper . It is a nice slow walk round to the paper shop and back making sure I take it easy with the back/hips

That was an enjoyable stroll round to the paper shop, so now it is a coffee in order and get the crosswords completed , I read the article in the paper and it is unbelievable what these politicians come up with, they cut benefits for the disabled and the aged, they cut the police force, the NHS, and emergency services they cap public worker pay rises to 1% and then they are demanding that they get a 32% pay rise Plus an increase in Expenses,

 Well don't get me started on that, anyway once the crosswords are done I get a text from Gervase to say he will be leaving Leeds at about 1.30 to get the train home, it is about a 5 hour train journey, he has been up there with work since wednesday so Leanne will be glad to have him back home, however he said it was freezing up there. anyway I text him back and then go for a cat nap for an hour before having some fruit and a yoghurt for lunch and also to take the Methotrexate after Lunch.

Once I have finished lunch and taken the Methotrexate, I go and get the washing up done and then prepare the vegetable for tonight,s dinner and then as it is 2.00 I decide to get todays Journal written and posted early so that it is all done before the methotrexate kicks in.

The Journal is now done for today so  will now get it posted and then I can settle down in the recliner for a relaxing evening of TV with dinner at 6.00. so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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