Friday, January 18, 2013

Its A Snow Go Day today

As the title above say,s Today is a "Snow go day". well it was forecast that the Snow would arrive today so why was no one prepared for it, it has been absolute Chaos here in the south today, Bus services cancelled, Airports closed, Roads Closed, and all for a few inches of Snow, He but that is "Great Britain" for you. They should have been her in 1963 when it was so cold that the "sea froze".
Portsmouth Harbour 1963 The Big Freeze
well after a decent nights sleep I woke at about 6.30 and went to the bathroom made a coffee and took back to bed, looked out the window and by the light of the security lights I could see the flurry,s of snow falling although at this time it was only small flurry,s and not settling on the ground all this had changed by the time I got up at 8.00. there was at least an ½ inch of snow on the ground and the sky looked full of snow. Below is a photo I took around about 8.15
8.15 this morning in Portsmouth
Carol looked very Cold Today
Anyway I am in the lounge Listening to the local radio station, There is no satellite TV at the moment as my Satellite dish is covered in snow as the wind has been blowing the snow into it. I don't know what time Carol my carer will arrive today, assuming she can drive around in this weather, but while I am waiting I log on and check out  the local weather online and also go onto facebook and see how every one else over here is coping with this weather. anyway Carol arrives at 8.50 and I am her 3rd client today and she has one more at 9.45 and then she has finished for the day, she only ever has 4 on a Friday, anyway she has time for a coffee and then gets me washed and groomed before she is on her way to her next client.

Once carol has gone I go out into the Kitchen and get some porridge made for breakfast before getting dressed and settling down for the day on the laptop and listening to the Radio.
My Back yard at 10.00 am this morning. about 1½ inches of Snow.
The snow is still coming down in heavy short showers and there are several road closures outside of Portsmouth, a lot of schools have shut for the day and all non emergency operations at the QA Hospital have been cancelled as have the Outpatient clinics as the hill up to the hospital is impassable.
anyway as I go into the kitchen to wash up the breakfast things I hear a sound outside in the back yard, I open the door and look out and it is only Myo Puppy Building a Snowman.
Myo Puppy and his Snowman he has Built
anyway back to facebook, Words with Friends and Family History and the at about 12.00 there was a funny looking individual Knocking at my door, It was Gordon He and Pauline had walked up to B&Q to get some paint and then came over to see that I was OK, pauline was round Tesco Express Getting me a paper so that was a nice surprise, anyway I put the Kettle on and we have a coffee and a good old chat, and then Pauline and Gordon get a Taxi home at 1.00  and I get myself some Baxter,s "Lentil and Bacon" soup for Lunch. It is one of Baxter,s Gluten Free Soups. and this is followed by my favourite Friday treat, Methotrexate.

Once i have had the Soup I go for a lie down until 2.15 when I go and make a coffee and then watch a bit of TV, the snow has stopped at the moment and the snow has been blown of my Satellite dish with the help of a long handled broom so I can watch the afternoon news and a couple of episodes of my Family. The snow covered roads are still causing havoc around the Area Buses are having problems going up hills outside of the city.
Up the hill Sideways, no rear wheel grip
I am so glad that I am indoors in the warm with the heating on , but the Snow in Portsmouth does make for some good photograph,s here is Portsmouth Anglican cathedral in old portsmouth Taken this morning by an unknown Photographer.
Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral early today
well although I have not done much today the day has gone by very quickly so it is now 4.40 and time to think about getting the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner so I need to get this Journal finished and Posted to my blog, but another coffee first I think. so here is one more Photograph of the A3M the main motorway out of Portsmouth to London
A3M Portsmouth to London 
So that is it for today so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio and please keep warm and safe if you are in the South of England.

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