Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Decent Sunday today.

Sunday Lie in
And here we are again, and another sunday is here, well I must say that yesterday was a good day of resting and watching cartoons from the Fleischer Studio so today if I have time it will be another delve into cartoons of a past era. however that will be later on. I had a really good night last night and only woke up once at 6.30 to use the bathroom and then went back to sleep until 9.00 am, a sunday morning lie in "Heaven"

Breakfast today
so we start the day way behind and so it is 10.00 before I text Pauline and get some Gluten Free chocolate stars for breakfast, they are quite tasty actually better than the Gluten free cornflakes I had before so these will be on my favourite,s list, I got them from Sainsburys the other day. Pauline phones me back to say all is OK but it is very cold out this morning anyway once we have gad a chat I then get on line and check out emails and facebook and catch up on Words from Friends as I was not on line very much yesterday.

So once I have sorted out emails and facebook I go and take a slow walk round to tesco express to get the daily paper. It is a brilliant day out today nice blue sky and Sunshine but bitterly cold. so I do not stay out long and get back indoors in the warm and make a nice hot chocolate (Gluten free of course) before I read the paper and then go and check the weather forecast as the snow is presumed to be arriving tonight. anyway this is the weather forecast for Portsmouth Tomorrow.
Although there is a forecast of snow for the Southern Region it looks like Portsmouth will actually get rain , possibly the odd sleet shower so maybe we will get away with no Snow on Portsea Island. But Who Knows.

So once I have read the paper I decide to go on to youtube on the smart TV and watch some Private Snafu Movies, These were Animated shorts made by Warner Brothers during world war II for the United States Government. They are really great movies there was a series of 26 made so I will enjoy watching them today, another good day ahead I think.
Private Snafu Cartoon by Warner Bothers.
Well these are really great Cartoons and good animation, although a couple of them a quite racy, but thats another story, anyway at 12.00 I Phone my son Gervase and he is going to come and take me shopping about 1.30 so at 1.00 I decide to get some toast and a tin of Mackerel in sunflower oil for lunch so that I am ready for when Gervase arrives.

Gervase actually arrives at 1.45 so we get in the car and off we go to Asda at fratton as I do not have a lot of items to get today, we get to Asda and park the car and then make our way into the store, we have a wander round and I get some fresh vegetable and also Fresh Fish, Sea Bream for Tonight and Salmon for Tomorrow, I also got a small smoked haddock fillet for breakfast on Tuesday. While we are in Asda we have a look at there  Free From Section and I am impressed as it has tripled in size since the last time I was there and Joy of Joy they have a pack of 2 Gluten free Sultana scones Whooo Hoo, thats tomorrow afternoon treat taken care of. I will look forward to those with butter and Honey.

So once Gervase and I have got what we wanted ( Gervase has got more than I have) we make our way to the checkout, it is very busy here today I think people must be stocking up in case of the bad weather that is forecast, Sometimes I think the weather forecasters get over enthusiastic, and the national press don't help instilling panic into the general public, anyway once we have paid we head back home via the seafront, there are a lot of people out walking along the promenade but looking to the north of Portsea Island the storm clouds are gathering above the South downs.

well that is about it for today, sorry it is so short but I stayed in bed to long this morning and I have not caught up with the day yet, and it is now 6.00 pm so I nee to get this Journal finished and Posted and then get Dinner started before an evening watching the animated Movie "Up" which I recorded over christmas, so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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