Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Excellent Saturday of Resting after Freaky Friday

Rain Rain Go Away.
And here we are again then folks, and another weekend is upon us. after the methotrexate yesterday I did not have a very good nights sleep as I woke about 4.00 am for the toilet and then again at 6.00 am this time it was the noise of the torrential rain hitting the Garden Shed Roof, and then I dozed off again and thankfully was woken by the rain again at 8.00 am. other wise I would have overslept and I need to be up by 8.30 and sorted ready for the carer.

Enough is Enough
well I am really Pi@@@d of now as I got up at 8.15 to get ready for the carer, as Carol was off sick yesterday so I did not know who I would Have today if carol was still off sick and at 9.45 the carer had still not arrived and I had heard nothing from the care company, so phoned the out of hours number as it is the weekend and spoke to a supervisor, who did not have a clue what was happening, but said a carer was on the way to me, at 9.50 I get a phone call from another supervisor who tried to tell me that they had tried to phone me but my number was busy, what a load of old Tosh, anyway I said that I would be making a complaint to Adult social services on Monday and also to the Care commission as this really is the last straw, I have put up with 9 months of Incompetence from this company and now enough is enough, I am fed up with being spoken to as if I am an idiot.

Are you ready, Then I will begin
Well at about 10.00 a carer eventually arrives she said she was on her way to another client when they phoned her and diverted her to me, I felt sorry for her really as she did not have a clue what she had to do, they had told her that it was just to give me my medication, yes right, my care needs have been the same since I was released home from Hospital in may 2011. I had no problems with the other care company, but since this company took over it has been chaotic apart from when Jo was my carer and also since jo left and eventually Carol was made my regular carer. so I had to explain to the young girl what I needed and also instruct her in how to wash my Face and Neck ?????. She knew how to comb my Hair but then had to try and show her how to cream my legs, ?????. and put the gel on my back ????? (Perhaps I should send them a bill for training)

Cousins Mike and Carolyn.
well after all that the carer is on her way, thank goodness I don't have a carer now until Tuesday when hopefully Carol will be back. anyway I go to get some porridge for breakfast when the Phone rings, It is Pauline who has rung to see if I am Ok as I have not sent her the morning text yet, anyway we have a chat and then I get some breakfast, as I finish breakfast my Cousin Mike Phones to say our Cousin Carolyn from weymouth is visiting this weekend and he was thinking about them coming down about 1.00 for and hour or so to see me and that will be excellent, as although I phone carolyn about once a month I have not seen her since the last family get together in September.

Fratton Park, Portsmouth Football Stadium
So as it is 11.00 I take a walk round to tesco express to get the morning paper, and then I notice that Road cones are out which means portsmouth are playing a match at home today, so I check the fixtures and they are, so once back home I Phone Mike and let him Know as the roads will be hectic trying to get on and off Portsea island so we decide it is probably best to leave it until Carolyn is down next time, which is a shame as I was looking forward to seeing them both.

well the weather is not getting any better and there is not a lot on the TV so I decide to explore YouTube on the Smart TV. I have not used the online streaming on the TV very much since I brought it anyway I decide I will see what youtube is like on a stream direct to the TV, well what a difference to watching it on the laptop. Full screen streaming and better quality sound so I spend 3 hours watching old video and cine clips of the Rat pack including a 2 hour video of a 1965 live concert in St Louis it was Excellent, I love my Smart TV.
The Rat Pack 1965 live in St Louis
Ooop,s another broken dish
at 2.00 I decide to have a light lunch as I had a late breakfast, so have some Gluten free crackers and cheese with some grapes and melon, it was very nice, tasty and refreshing, after lunch I wash up a few bits and pieces from lunch and Breakfast, and then get the vegetable prepared ready for dinner tonight, I then put some Gel on my left hip area and then make a coffee and back to explore youtube on the TV again.

Well this time I decide to watch the youtube videos of one of my favourite Animation Studios, run by the two brother Max and Dave Fleischer, these are excellent cartoons and to see them full screen on the TV is brilliant, from there early black and white cartoons Through to there colour classic cartoons absolutely brilliant and the video of how they started was excellent. I wrote a theses on Max Fleischer for my Animation course at Portsmouth University.
Two of Fleischer,s well known cartoons Popeye and betty Boop.
Ok So I have had a lazy day, but after a not so good nights sleep, the weather, the care company and the Methotrexate yesterday, I just thought why not, so today has been very enjoyable, so tomorrow we will look for videos of woodstock 69. well it is now 5.50 and soon time to put the chicken portion in to roast and start getting dinner ready, so I will get this Journal posted  while Fleischer,s "Peeping Penguins" is on and then get on to facebook and sort out "Words with Friends" so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.
Fleischer,s Peeping Penguins 1937

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