Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its even colder today

It is a Cold Wednesday
Here we are 9.00 am in a very Cold Portsmouth, Gee its a bit nippy today, When I looked out of the bedroom window at 7.30 this morning when I woke all the rooftops were covered in a white Frost. so I got out of bed to make a coffee and set the heating to come on at 7.30 instead of 8.00 which it normally does then jumped back in to bed with my coffee until 8.00..

Below is the chart taken from the Met office showing the weather that we can expect in Portsmouth today, looks like I will be having the heating on all day today, Oh well I have just sent the text to Pauline so off to get some really Hot porridge for Breakfast.

Todays Weather and Temperatures.
A strange sight in my back
yard this morning.
Ok So what have I been up to today then, the answer in two words is "Very Little", It was certainly to cold to be outside so the best place to be was indoors in the warm, the heating has been off and on all day keeping the flat at a constant 19 C = 66 F while the temperature outside has been 2 C = 35.5 F. the Empty flower pots in the back yard that were full of water from the rain at the weekend had an inch of ice on the top this morning and that has not thawed all day. so as the cold spell is forecast to last on and off until the middle of February I think I need to get some wild bird feeders from wilkinsons tomorrow when we are down town shopping with Pauline. at least there will be no rain and then on Friday we are supposed to have Snow.

Watching Disney Cartoons,
Well Pauline phones this morning about 9.30 to say she received my text and she is now back home, she took Misty out early this morning as the Plumber is coming back this morning to fix the water leak in her Kitchen, it is about a 2 hour job so he will be there between 10.00 and 11.00. Gordon has gone up to Salisbury and had a decent trip up despite the weather, but all the Motorway,s and main roads were gritted and clear of ice although there were several minor accidents on minor roads, So there we are a very Lazy day ahead for me, I spent the first part of the morning on the computer checking emails and on facebook with "Words with Friends" and the second part up to lunchtime on the smart TV watching old Walt Disney cartoons including
Motor Mania 1950

  • 3 little pigs 1933
  • Ferdinand the Bull  1938
  • The Little House 1952
  • In the Bag 1956
  • Pluto,s Christmas Tree 1952
  • Motor Mania 1950
  • The Ugly Duckling 1939
  • The Sorcerers Apprentice 1940
  • The Brave Engineer 1950
  • Mickey's  Revue 1932
  • Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom 1953

3 Little pigs 1933
Mickey's Revue 1932

So that was an excellent morning, watching those Cartoons took me back to my childhood in the 1950,s and Saturday morning pictures at the Embassy Cinema in Fareham, a morning of entertainment for 6d (2½p)  Nostalgia.

anyway at 1.00 I get myself a couple of eggs foe lunch with a couple of Crisp bread and then I get the vegetable prepared ready for dinner tonight before sorting through a box of old postcards, and then at 3.00 I settle down to get this journal written,
well I must say it was hard to find anything to write about today as It has been a lazy day, however although it is forecast to be cold again tomorrow, we will still be going out shopping and I am going to try something different with the journal tomorrow, with hopefully the addition of videos of our shopping trips, so until tomorrow I will say a chilly farewell

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