Friday, January 25, 2013

And Another Friday creeps up from behind.

The Story Begins

The night was dark and there was not a star in the sky on this cold and dismal October night. The lights in the building were dim and the rapid footsteps among the corridors were muffled as the weird droning sound in the distance got louder and louder. the sound of the door opening was a welcome distraction and then the squeaking of what seemed like a dozen wheels filled the air as the droning in the night sky became louder. 

Suddenly there became total confusion as voices were raise, there was a wailing sound echoing around the room, the droning noise outside was replaced by the sound of crackling, A high pitched whistling and bright flashes of light followed by an orange glow, reflecting of the walls within the room, the wailing turned to a high pitched Crying, and suddenly there was a bright light and an excited if not quavering voice coming out of the light, "Its a boy Mrs Smith" you have a baby boy, and here I was, Born in the middle of an air raid on that night in October 1943. in Fareham.
Yes folks, this is really me
So what is this all about you may ask, well all I can say is that as so many people are now reading my daily Dermatomyositis journal from all over the globe and the readership is growing on a daily basis I thought it was time that you got to know me a little better. so over the following days, and weeks, and month,s and seasons, and years, and decades. and centuries, I will add  snippets of my life over the last 70 years,

Well Its Friday again
Ouch, Ouch, Ouch
So here we are and the dreaded freaky friday is upon us once again, not a bad nights sleep but very achey around the top of my legs and buttock,s today, I know that it is down to the results of my escapades with the Fridge yesterday and probably overdoing the walking with the wheelchair while out shopping. anyway I slept through from about 11.00 pm last night until 6.30 this morning when I got up for the bathroom and then made a coffee and took that back to bed, and listened to the radio until 7.00 when I got up and went into the lounge to wait for the carer to arrive.

British Flood Defence worker
Once in the lounge I listen to the local radio, one thing that did bring a smile to my face was the interview with the the advisor from the environment agency who said that with the impending increase in temperature plus the rain that is expected that to lessen the risk of flooding in area where there was deep snow, that people should go out and build snowmen to help protect the areas from flooding. Still I suppose in these times of government financial cuts to public services it is cheaper than upgrading flood defences.
"Come back Frosty, all is Forgiven"

Care company supervisor
However while waiting for the carer I get the laptop up and running and check out the emails and also facebook, checking out "Words with Friends" and seeing who is around, not many spam emails today, so not so much to delete, anyway the carer comes at about 8.50 and it is another new carer, no Carol again so that has made my mind up that The Care company is not providing the service that I am paying for so I will be canceling my care with them from the end of the month and will make alternative arrangements. the company have had enough chances to sort things out, and I will be lodging a formal complaint to the Care Commission and Portsmouth Adult Social Care Department.

Once the new carer has got me groomed and has left I text pauline and let her know all is Ok and then get myself some Gluten Free Porridge  and a cup of tea for breakfast. I enjoyed the porridge, just the thing to warm you up on a cold winters day, it very cold outside, anyway get the breakfast things washed up and then get dressed ready to go round and get my Paper, as I am getting ready Pauline phones to say that they are on the way to Salisbury, to do a couple of cleaning jobs and then they will be meeting their friend Agnes from Weymouth, who will be coming down to Portsmouth with them for the weekend. Once I have finished speaking to Pauline, I go round and get my daily Paper and then once back home I settle down to watch some old sitcoms on the TV and to get the crosswords done in the paper.

Chocolate Brownies
at 11.30 I make a coffee and have a couple of Gluten Free Chocolate brownies and then at 1.30 I have a couple of Gluten free Crumpets with butter and a cup of coffee, These are really tasty and go down a treat. The one thing I like about Gluten free products is that they have a far longer sell by and Use by date than ordinary products, so very happy with a gluten free diet. Once I have had the crumpets I have a nice yoghurt and the Methotrexate tablets, then I go for a lie down for 30 minutes. at  2.45 after a nice lie down I make a coffee and go into the lounge to make an early start on todays daily Journal..

At 4.00 Gordon Phones to say that they are back home and that Agnes is with them, Agnes is an old friend of Gordon,s and  lived in Scotland before moving to Weymouth last year. anyway I asked gordon to ask her if she was wearing tartan Knickers as today is "Burns Day"  as today in 1759 was the birth of Robert Burns in alloway Scotland

Burns Cottage, Alloway, Scotland.
And as we have been suffering an icy blast of very cold weather over the last few days I though this poem of Robbie Burns would be a topical poem for Burns day

O wert thou in the cauld blast, 
On yonder lea, on yonder lea, 
My plaidie to the angry airt, 
I'd shelter thee, I'd shelter thee; 
Or did Misfortune's bitter storms 
Around thee blaw, around thee blaw, 
Thy bield should be my bosom, 
To share it a', to share it a'. 

Or were I in the wildest waste, 
Sae black and bare, sae black and bare, 
The desert were a Paradise, 
If thou wert there, if thou wert there; 
Or were I Monarch o' the globe, 
Wi' thee to reign, wi' thee to reign, 
The brightest jewel in my Crown 
Wad be my Queen, wad be my Queen.

So there we are then folks that is about it for today, the rest of the evening will be taken up watching the TV and relaxing in my recliner after a very busy day of doing nothing, but that is what Freaky Fridays are all about, so until tomorrow I will say tatty bye 

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